Our online course "Introducing British Sign Language" is a comprehensive introduction to British Sign Language and is a really good place to get started.

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During this difficult time, as more of us are finding ourselves in self-isolation or spending longer periods at home, we would like to provide the opportunity for you to use this time to learn British Sign Language. Our 20hr CPD certified course can be studied at your own pace and is a comprehensive introduction to BSL.

Because of this we are now asking those who wish to sign up to the course to pay what they feel they are able. Maybe things are particularly tight for you at the moment and you can’t afford to pay the full fee, or maybe you wish to pay extra to contribute towards a place for someone else.

_Please note that we are a commercial organisation and we receive no external grants or funding._

Guide Price (only for guidance, you can decide what you wish to pay)

£3 – if you are a full-time student or finding things tight right now.
£10 – If you are a Key Worker or playing an important role during the current crisis.
£25 – this is the normal cost of enrollment and enables us to continue developing resources.

The above is just a guide, there are no rules or criteria for this pricing structure.  Please pay what you feel you are able and what you feel this course is worth to you. We are asking for a minimum contribution of £3.

How to Enroll

To enroll with the special rate please follow the checkout process on our website as usual (starting here: https://www.british-sign.co.uk/learn-online-british-sign-language-course/)  - and follow through the checkout processes.  This is the same process for signing up individuals or groups.


Enrolment on this course costs just £25

This one time enrolment-fee gives you free access to all of the online signing course material for 1 year so that you can come back at anytime to refresh your skills.


When you sign up a group you will receive group rates. You will have access to an admin panel that allows you to enrol your students and track the progress of your group as they work through the course.

Group of 6-19: £20 /person
Group 20-49: £16.50 /person
Group 50+: £14 /person

You can find out more information here: https://www.british-sign.co.uk/learn-online-british-sign-language-course/
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