Our online course is ideal for those who are taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. Our course can be used for your 3 month skill section and we are able to write a report based on your achievement and submit it directly to the DofE portal.

Simon Harvey – Course Tutor – hello@british-sign.co.uk

Some of the DofE forms also optionally request a contact phone number. We do not have a phone line so please leave this empty.


To get started please visit this page and enrol on the course: http://www.british-sign.co.uk/learn-online-british-sign-language-course/
Please ensure that you study the course for around 1hr each week for a 3 month period. When we write your assessor report we look at your access logs - please ensure you fulfil the requirements otherwise we will be unable to submit your report. Please resist the temptation to complete the entire course in a few sessions.


Once you have completed the course please request a DofE assessor report using this page: https://www.british-sign.co.uk/dofe/register.php

Please note that you do not need to contact us before you start the course.

Our course contains 10 sections, each designed to be studied over a 1.5 - 2hr period. This content works really well over a 3 month period. We would suggest completing no more than 1hr – 1.5hrs each week.

Our course isn't suitable to be studied over a 6 month period. If you decide to combine this course with another activity as part of your 6 month skill section our report will only cover 3 months. You must speak with your DofE coordinator about whether this would be appropriate.

Course Goals
You will need to think about what you wish to gain from taking this course. Maybe just the process of learning a new skill and a new language, or maybe you have family or friends who are BSL users and you wish to be able to better communicate with them. A suggestion of what you could put down as your goal for this could be:
To gain a basic understanding of British Sign Language and to develop my non-verbal communication skills.
Please remember to study this course for 1hr each week over the 3 month period.

Good luck, we hope you enjoy the course and wish you all the best with your DofE award.

Please note: we regularly receive requests to write assessor reports for people who have left this to the last minute and have completed much of the course over just a few days. This takes a lot of our time. Please do not request an assessor report to be written unless you have studied the course regularly over the DofE required 3 month period.
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