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Course Pricing - Pay it Forward

Our online course "Introducing British Sign Language" is a 20hr CPD certified comprehensive introduction to British Sign Language and is a really good place to get started.

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Our aim is to enable as many people as possible to gain some knowledge of British Sign Language. The usual fee for our course was £25 per person but during the Coronavirus pandemic we realised that this price was restrictive to some people. Because of this we are now running a "Pay it Forward" scheme.

Under this scheme you can study the course for as little as £3 - the remainder of the fee coming from contributions from other users.

If you feel that this course is valuable however and you are in the position to contibute more towards your learning then we ask you to kindly consider contributing more. By contributing more than £3 you are supporting the sustainability of the course and you are enabling other people to learn BSL. Thank you.

Please note that we are a commercial organisation and we receive no external grants or funding.

Guide Price (only for guidance, you can decide what you wish to pay)

£3 (£2.50 +VAT) – If you are a full-time student or can't afford the full fee right now.
£15 (£12.50 VAT) – This covers the costs of providing the course to you.
£25+ (£20.83 +VAT) – This is the normal cost of enrollment and supports other learners to study BSL and the development of further resources.

The above is just a guide, there are no rules or criteria for this pricing structure. Please pay what you feel you are able and what you feel this course is worth to you. We are asking for a minimum contribution of £3.

The fee that you pay when you enrol on our course is a one-off fee. This payment will give you access to the full course for 2 years.

Updated on: 02/02/2022

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