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I have paid for my online course enrollment. How do I access the course?

Once you have completed the checkout process on our website you will need to follow these steps to get started on the course:

If you have paid by credit/debit card your order will be processed automatically and you can begin the enrollment process straight away (see details below).

If you have paid by bank transfer, BACs, or cheque then the enrollment process will be available once we have received your payment - you will receive an email once your payment has been received by us. It is essential that the reference for your payment is correct as explained on your invoice. Payments without the correct reference or cheques without the reference written on the back will not be processed automatically.

An enrollment link will be emailed to you automatically within 3 minutes of your order being processed. The subject line for this email is "**BSL Course Enrollment**". If you can't see this email in your inbox** please check your junk/spam folder** and also check whether you have any filters or forwarding rules that may have moved this message somewhere else. You can also access your enrollment page using your shop login account here:*

Under the "Un-activated Enrollments" section enter the name and email address of the person who you are enrolling and then press "Enroll Now".

A username and password will then be emailed out to the enrollment email address within 2 minutes.

If you accidentally created an enrollment with the wrong details and the person hasn't yet started the course you can delete it and add it again using the correct details - more details: click here

Updated on: 13/01/2022

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