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How to book a group of learners onto the online course. Can I book multiple people onto the course with the same order?

Number of Enrolments

To enrol multiple people on our online course all you need to do is enter the desired number of enrolments in the "Number of enrolments" field when signing up (click here).

Payment Options

During checkout you can select to pay using the methods below. An invoice is automatically generated when you complete the checkout process.
Debit / credit card (instant access to the course)
BACs (organisations only)
Purchase order (organisations only)
Cheque (organisations only)

For further details about payment options please click here.

Enrolment Dashboard

Once your order has been paid for you will have access to an enrolment dashboard where you can allocate your enrolment places, or you can provide your learners with a self-enrolment link for learners to enrol themselves onto your places.

Monitor Learner Progress

From your enrolment dashboard page you can monitor the progress of the learners in your group as they progress through the course.

Adding More Learners

You can add additional learners to your group at any time by going through the checkout process again. If you use the same email address during checkout as you did on your initial booking then these enrolment places will be added to your existing enrolment dashboard page.

Updated on: 26/01/2023

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